CONVERSATIONS WITH THE DESIGNERS - Interior Designer & Interior Decorators...let's discuss the difference


As Interior Designers we are often asked by prospective clients about the services we provide as there is often confusion between what Interior designers and Interior Decorators can do.

Many new clients assume we will only be adding the paint colours, furniture and cushions to their project. Yes, of course we do this however this is only one aspect of the skills a qualified Interior Designer possess. 

An Interior Decorator or Stylist, focuses generally on how a space looks rather than how it functions. Having said that they are able to improve on the flow & function (within the limitation of the existing walls/space) through the manipulation of the layout of the loose furnishings. Decorators are not usually consulted on the structure of the space and they are usually brought in towards the completion of the project. Decorators are very creative, can visualise and have a good eye for the creative use of surfaces, finishes & aesthetics.

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Conversations with the Designers - Key questions to ask a Builder prior to engaging their services

One stage in the building process that instills more fear and overwhelm for many of our clients is... selecting the right Builder for the job. A Builder can make or break the success of any building project. 

The best place to start when searching for a Builder is to ask for recommendations. And when asking for recommendations don't just 'blindly' go with a friends brother who is a Builder, just because he knows him by default. You want a recommendation from someone  who has gone through the building process themselves with the Builder.

When seeking recommendations also ask your Architect/Designer. They will be able to steer you in the right direction. It's a good place to start as they will have worked with many builders and would also have feedback from clients' experiences. 

When you have the names of 3 reputable Builders (and you only need 3, any more than that will only confuse you when it comes to comparing quotes), it's a good idea to check their...

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Conversations with the Designers - Blueprint to a successful renovation or new build

I can't tell you how many times we've heard our clients make the following ambitious statement.

'We aim on being in our new home by this Christmas'...When we're already 5 months into that same year!

As Interior Architects and Building Designers, our reply to their statement (without hesitation) is ..."Definitely not this Christmas! If you want all to go well, then you'll have a much better chance if you aim for next Christmas".

No matter what your aim or deadline is for settling into your new home, you'll need to start the planning process at least 12 months prior to your deadline.


Twelve months may sound like a long time, however it will fly by once you start the process. Many first-time home builders or renovators don’t realise what is exactly involved & just how much time goes into the preparation & planning of a new build or major renovation of a home.

Unfortunately, things don't just fall into place by...

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Conversations with the Designers - Induction OR gas cooking? Let's compare the 2

The decision of whether to go with gas or electricity is not cut-and-dried with the lure of high-tech induction cooking.

Whether cooking for pleasure, pure necessity or a combination of both, you need to have a good working relationship with your cooktop in order to get the job done efficiently. In days of old, slow-reacting electric coil or hotplate stoves were the only real alternatives to gas, but vastly superior induction stovetops have changed all that – and choosing the best option to suit your needs is no longer a simple decision. Let’s take a closer look at these two options to help you avoid making the wrong choice.

mcrae + lynch design - Cronulla duplex


Induction cooktops allow a very precise control of heat from very low temperatures to very high temperatures. A magnetic field makes your cookware the heating element, as opposed to the cooktop itself, enabling a much quicker conduction, control and more even spread of heat; but you must only use...

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