Uncategorized Jun 17, 2019

It can be overwhelming tackling renovations, and there are certain areas of the home that need extra skill and detailed thinking to get right. Thanks to its title as the hub of most homes, the kitchen is one such room that needs plenty of forethought and planning. But what if you could think like an interior designer before your next kitchen renovation, to ensure you haven’t missed anything important? As experienced designers we’re here  to let you in on some of the key steps and processes that we take when designing a new kitchen for our clients, to ensure years of easy and enjoyable use ahead.

STEP 1: Think about the existing space

What works and what doesn’t?
Assess the existing layout, taking note of what works and what doesn’t. Think about what you would like to change. If the renovation budget extends to structural changes, look at the space with fresh eyes, ignoring the current layout and any existing windows and doors, plumbing and electrical...

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