Your guide to a stress free, cost saving, time saving home renovation or new build.

We're here to help you remove the overwhelm & fear when taking on a renovation or new build.

Having 20+ years experience in the design & construction industry, we would love to share with you our wealth of knowledge & expertise.

Let's take the first crucial steps towards a successful renovation or new build together.

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You know you need guidance with your renovation or new build when...

You're feeling overwhelmed and not exactly sure where to start the design process

You're feeling unprepared for what lays ahead & you're not sure how to tackle it

You're nervous about the amount of money you intend on spending & don't want to blow it

"Unlock the know how to tremendous Savings and Time-Tested Success with Your Renovation or New Build Project"

Who wouldn't want to save both money and precious time on their home project?

Now, picture this: You have exclusive access to a dedicated Design team, backed by a squad of seasoned design and construction experts, all ready to share their unparalleled knowledge and walk you through every step to ensure your project's triumph.

No need for imagination here‚ÄĒour 6-module online course delivers precisely that.

Whether you're gearing up for a renovation or a new build, our course is your ultimate guide to eliminating guesswork and executing a meticulously crafted plan, setting you up for a seamless and successful project. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

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Imagine how it will feel to...


Execute a well thought through & documented plan of attack by following our step by step guide before you move into the construction phase.

You'll hand this document to your Architect, Designer & Builder, alleviating any confusion and avoid that overwhelmed feeling as you will have started the process off on the right foot.



Be well prepared & have confidence as you move towards the construction phase. 


Being construction savvy will go a long way to your projects success.


Be aware of ways to save your valuable time & money.

Walk away with a wealth of industry knowledge, along with invaluable tips & tricks.

By the end of this course you will have all the tools that will go a long way to a smooth running build.



Be educated by industry leading Guest Experts.


A Builder &  

A Construction Lawyer.


You’re just a few steps away from replacing the stress & overwhelm with confidence & clarity allowing you to be thoroughly prepared for your upcoming renovation or new build.
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'Mastering the Pre-construction phase'

You're Ultimate Guide to a Stress free, Cost saving Home Transformation

A 6 module self-paced online course where you'll discover how to prepare for your renovation or new build the right way.

Saving you valuable time and money by being completely organised prior to going into the build phase. 

From the course creators

Know that it is possible to kick your project off with confidence whilst having a great understanding of what lies ahead & be organised well BEFORE the construction phase starts.



Check out what some of our past students have to say

In terms of online courses, this live course is interactive, inclusive and is curated in a 6 part mixed media module format which essentially becomes your work book, as you move through your project like I did, or it evolves into the most resourceful reference tool for any future project(s). They say that 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail', and this course is undoubtedly the best way to start your preparation!

-Caroline Bouchez

Don’t think twice. I loved this course. I learnt things that I did not expect to need to know. It certainly saved us a whole lot of time when it came to the build part. We were super organised and could answer any questions the Builder had for us instantly. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of renovating to do the course!

-Melissa Greck

I can't recommend these girls and the course highly enough.
The course has fabulous information for anyone renovating or building. I now have the confidence to tackle our build.

-Jennifer Naughton

Here's some of what you'll learn over the 6 modules

Module one


Often what we want & what we think we need are not always the same thing. Gain insight into the reasons why things can wrong and how they can be avoided.

Learn about the phases of a renovation / new build.

Conquer your fears and learn about the importance of preparation and planning to avoid your own personal 'horror story'

Watch online video 1 and download the first workbook and let's get you started!

Module two


We look closely at how a renovation or even a new build project can easily become larger than originally expected. We show you how to look beyond the obvious and investigate areas that could potentially blow out. The last thing you want is to be unaware and unprepared for the surprises that seem to pop up out of nowhere along the way.

‘We like to think of it as opening the can of renovation worms before it’s too late!’

Download the workbook and other valuable information in Module 2 to understand the extent of your project.

Module three


Discover if your budget is realistic and potentially worth stretching in order to achieve your desired outcome.

Learn about what other costs/fees to factor into your budget as construction isn't the only component here. And learn the secret to formulating an accurate budget.

Let's chat with our guest expert a Builder with 20 + years experience about building budgets and get some real building budget advise.

Watch the videos, download the workbook and the Builders top tips when formalising your own budget.

Module four


Discover what style compliments you, your lifestyle, your home and your location.

Using our workbook and the templates, we show you what to include and how to create a 'mood board' that expresses your vision.

We also discuss with our guest expert Tara Solberg the owner and founder of Few and Far home & Indigo Love on how to create a cohesive home.

BONUS - Tara has generously shared with us a series of styling videos for when you're ready to put the finishing touches on your home.

Module five / Part 1


Discover how to convey your objectives and vision into a concise brief for the construction phase. 

Learn exactly what a ‘Design brief’ is and why it's necessary to have one prior to meeting with Builders. Follow our step by step guide to creating your own concise brief, using our 'brief template'.

Any Builder that you meet with when you are ready to talk construction, is going to LOVE you for putting time and effort into your design brief.

This truly is where you will save yourself a whole lot of time and a whole lot of money when it comes to the build phase!!

Module five / Part 2


Discover the processes and the steps involved in the design implementation stage, learn about certification/council approval through to construction.

Download our ‘Professional Services List’ of consultants & professionals that may be required to implement the design & construction phase. Understand what they do, if & where they are needed.

Discover the differences between CDC + DA, these are Council terms that you may come across leading up to your build.

Download the workbook and familiarise yourself with the process.  

Module six


Discover what due diligence is and why it's THE single most important box to tick prior to signing a Builders contract.

This module is worth its weight in gold as our Guest expert, Michelle Cirson, a Construction Lawyer and Adjudicator takes you through the necessary steps to ensuring your chosen Builder is all that they say they are.

BONUS - Michelle has completed a set of videos for you to watch that walk you through the process of due diligence. These videos not only educate you on the process, they also show you how and where to search for vital information on your prospective Builder!

Plus an Additional Bonus

Discounted Design Consultation

If you need a little more help with your project we've got you covered. You can purchase a 2 hour on line Zoom consultation at a 50% discounted rate to help you move towards your goals faster.

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OUR AIM is that YOU NAIL THE PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE avoiding the 'horror show' scenario that a renovation or new build can potentially become.

Our goal when working with our clients is to ensure they enjoy the journey with 'reduced anxiety & stress', knowing they will be well prepared & have the foresight to avoid costly mistakes, budget blowouts & construction holdups & delays.

So let's avoid a 'horror show' by kicking your journey off on the right path!

Read below what others have said about working with M + L Design

Amazing professional and knowledgeable service. Helen and Karyn could not do enough to support and help us in the planning and design of our house upgrade which was a pretty large renovation. They helped us to understand the best layouts and worked seamlessly with the builder and suppliers. Using them made our dream home renovation a DREAM project. We would recommend them to anyone. Thank you sooooo much ladies!!

Colum & Sinead Kelly

I've had the privilege of working alongside Karyn & Helen from McRae & Lynch Design now on various projects and their knowledge goes beyond that of colour and design. As drafts women they have been a fantastic resource to my business both in a drafting and design capacity resulting in fantastic outcomes for my clients. They tackle everything in such a creative, professional and tireless manner I would highly recommend their services and I do!

Deb Deeth

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