(#27) The hotel & Club Industry - Why thoughtful design matters with Michelle Pascoe

Season #1

In this episode of Two Gins In, hosts Helen and Karyn sit down with Michelle Pascoe, an esteemed international speaker and expert in customer service and hospitality. Michelle, founder of Optimum Operating Procedures and Services (OOPS), brings nearly 30 years of experience to the conversation, delving into the nuances of creating exceptional customer experiences. She shares insights on the importance of emotional connections in service delivery and how businesses can transform ordinary interactions into memorable experiences.

Michelle discusses the post-COVID challenges facing the hospitality industry, particularly the loss of middle management and frontline staff. She emphasizes the need for businesses to adapt to a new demographic of customers and employees, particularly Generation Z, who demand seamless and engaging experiences. Michelle highlights the significance of design in service delivery, from architectural plans to the smallest details like music and scent, which collectively enhance the customer experience. She also shares practical tips for maintaining safety and compliance in design, ensuring that spaces are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The conversation further explores the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry and how businesses can stay ahead of trends. Michelle suggests creative ways to refresh spaces without major overhauls, such as rearranging furniture, incorporating Instagram-worthy elements, and utilizing underused spaces for various activities throughout the day. The episode wraps up with Michelle sharing her upcoming initiatives, including a live LinkedIn session focused on preparing for the summer season and creating lasting first impressions. This engaging discussion provides valuable insights for anyone looking to elevate their customer service and hospitality practices.


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