(#22) Interview with Ali Broinowski - Cloth & Feather

Season #1

Welcome to Two Gins In, a designer's perspective, where hosts Karyn and Helen invite you to dive deep into the world of Interior Design and Construction. In this captivating episode, they are joined by the visionary guest, Ali Broinowski, the founder and CEO of Cloth and Feather, an esteemed interior decorating company nestled in the picturesque town of Maggi in New South Wales.

Ali's journey from her background in pharmacy to her current venture in interior decorating is nothing short of inspiring. She shares her experiences and insights, revealing how her initial foray into helping people organize their homes led to the establishment of Cloth and Feather. Through her meticulous eye for detail and passion for creating welcoming living environments, Ali has redefined the art of interior decorating, making her a sought-after figure in the design world.

The conversation delves into the crucial importance of early planning for window treatments in design, emphasizing the need for functionality alongside aesthetics. Ali's expertise shines as she discusses the philosophy behind Cloth and Feather's premium custom design and drapery service, offering valuable advice on how to approach bespoke soft furnishings for clients.

But the episode doesn't stop there. Karyn and Helen share their own insights and experiences, reflecting on the challenges and successes they've encountered in their respective businesses. From educating the community on the value of property staging to navigating the intricacies of regional small business, they provide a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for aspiring designers and homeowners alike.

And the excitement doesn't end with the discussion. Karyn and Helen have some exciting news to share: they'll be hosting a masterclass at Ali's beautiful property in Maggi on the 16th of March. This hands-on workshop promises to explore style foundations, mood boarding, and essential design principles, providing participants with the tools and knowledge to refine their own projects.

So join Karyn, Helen, and Ali as they uncover the intersection of design, decoration, and inspiration. Pour yourself a drink, sit back, and immerse yourself in the world of Interior Design and Construction with Two Gins In, a designer's perspective.


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