(#21) Kitchens Part 3 - Design Made Functional

Season #1

In episode 21, part 3 of the "Two Gins In" podcast, Helen, one of the hosts, takes listeners on a journey through the world of kitchen aesthetics and emerging trends for 2024. She begins by stressing the importance of blending functionality with style in kitchen design, highlighting the pivotal role kitchens play as both functional spaces and aesthetic focal points within homes.

Helen offers practical advice for selecting surfaces and finishes, advising listeners to consider the overall style of their homes and prioritize durability to withstand the demands of daily use. She encourages them to be adventurous in mixing materials and textures while ensuring a cohesive design scheme.

Emphasizing the significance of functionality, Helen prompts listeners to assess the ease of cleaning, suitability for their cooking style, and long-term durability of their chosen materials. She underscores the importance of strategic lighting placement for both aesthetics and practicality, recommending a combination of general and task lighting to enhance the kitchen's ambiance and functionality.

Delving into emerging trends for 2024, Helen discusses the introduction of bold colors in cabinetry, the resurgence of featuring range hoods as design elements, and the increased use of timber in kitchen designs. She notes the enduring popularity of marble and stone, particularly in striking colors and larger veining patterns.

Furthermore, Helen observes a shift towards a more lived-in look in kitchens, with a departure from minimalist designs in favor of displaying appliances and decorative items on countertops. She stresses the importance of personalizing kitchen designs to reflect individual preferences and lifestyles rather than simply following trends.

To conclude, Helen invites listeners to download a free kitchen checklist from the show notes for further guidance and encourages them to visit the hosts' website and social media channels for additional design inspiration and information.



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