(#16) Interview with Mikaela Devlin from Abey Australia

Season #1

Today, we've got a special treat for you as we sit down with the vibrant and dynamic Mikaela Devlin, who wears the hat of the Commercial Business Development Manager for NSW & ACT at Abey Australia, and she's here to spill the beans on all things tap ware and bath ware.

So, grab your favourite beverage, sit back, and enjoy this episode as we dive headfirst into a candid conversation with Mikaela, covering a spectrum of topics that will leave you feeling enlightened and inspired.

Firstly, we explore Abey's journey in the industry and discover what sets their tap ware and bath ware apart from the competition. Mikaela's insights will leave you with a deeper understanding of Abey's unique qualities and their trailblazing presence in the market.

Sustainability is the buzzword of the decade, and Mikaela gives testament to Abey's unwavering commitment to sustainability. Mikaela will pull back the curtain to reveal how they've integrated sustainability into their product development and production processes. Get ready for some eco-friendly inspiration!

And finally we couldn’t let Mikaela go without exploring what's trending in the world of tap ware, especially in the realm of finishes. Mikaela's got her finger on the pulse of design, and she's here to share all the latest trends that will leave your home looking stylish and on point.

Abey are a leading Australian family-owned and -run business, offering exceptional kitchen, bathroom, and laundry designs for over 67 years and two generations.

Their culture of quality, trust, and experience has helped them build a lasting legacy in the industry.

Abey Australia, are passionate about pushing the limits of design possibility with their exceptional range of designer products. As creators and innovators, they draw on their heritage as leaders in business and design aficionados to provide clients with unique and innovative solutions.

With over 67 years of experience, they have established a diverse portfolio of premium products in partnership with global brands like Armando Vicario, Barazza, Burlington, Chambord, Gessi, and Schock, who share their vision for innovation and remarkable design.

Abey Australia’s collaborative approach empowers their clients to explore their creativity and design ideas in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry spaces.

They pride themselves on enhancing the lives of their customers and clients by embodying sustainable practices at its core

So, Join us now as we uncover the secrets of the tap ware world with Mikaela Devlin, as we recently discovered, is also affectionately known as "the crazy Tap Lady". She’s passionate, fun and informative, so let’s get started! 


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