(#14) Interview with James Treble

Season #1

Interior design is a meticulous process requiring collaboration and expertise. It involves careful planning, research, and creativity. Experience is crucial, as it allows designers to make informed decisions and enhance functionality and property value. Staying updated with trends and effective communication with clients are essential in this dynamic field. Collaboration with other professionals is also vital. 

Todayā€™s episode, we have a very special guest, the fabulous interior designer James Treble.

James is a Sydney based award-winning Interior Designer, running his own successful design practice. He has over 30 yearsā€™ experience within varied roles in the Interior Design, Real Estate and Building industry.

James is also a TV presenter on Open Homes Australia, broadcasting on 9Life and the host of a brand-new show, Renovate Or Rebuild, for Ch9.

Well known for 7 seasons as designer/presenter on The Living Room - Channel 10, and as TV host on Your Money Channel (formerly Sky News Real Estate), James is also a keen Ambassador for Planet Ark and strongly supports the use of reusable and renewable materials.

In this episode James shares the behind-the-scenes reality of the design industry, dispelling the misconception that it's all glamor and fun. He emphasizes the hard work, long hours, and dedication required for success.

James highlights the importance of effective communication between designers and clients, especially in today's challenging market with rising costs and delays. He explains how a designer's expertise can transform spaces and increase the value of properties, whether through new builds or renovations.

He also talks about the collaborative nature of the industry, citing his partnership with painter and sculptor Sandro as an example. James discusses his involvement with TAFE and shares valuable advice for aspiring designers, emphasizing the significance of gaining practical experience and maintaining a passion for the craft.

Discover the world of interior design from an industry veteran's perspective and gain insights into the collaborative and ever-evolving nature of the field. Tune in and be inspired! 


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