(#13) When a Renovation goes Horribly Wrong with Jen Bowers

Season #1

  Today, we're about to plunge headfirst into a universal fear that lurks in the minds of anyone contemplating a renovation or a new build.

It's a fear that transformed into a gut-wrenching reality for our special guest today, Jen Bowers, and her husband, David. What makes their story all the more shocking is that they trusted a builder who came with glowing recommendations. But little did they know, this would spiral into a harrowing tale of shoddy workmanship, a domino effect of issues, and a courtroom showdown.

Now, you might wonder why we're revisiting this interview with Jen Bowers, which originally took place a couple of years ago. The reason is simple—there are invaluable lessons to be gleaned from Jen and David's ordeal. They intimately understand how even the simplest renovation can take a disastrous turn.

In this episode, Jen kindly shares her tumultuous journey, the wisdom she's acquired, and the crucial steps she wishes they had taken before hiring their ill-fated builder. We are passionate about the importance of doing your Due diligence before entrusting your project to any builder or tradesperson, no matter how minor the task may seem.

So, remember, the process of choosing the right builder extends far beyond the well-meaning recommendations of friends and family. Stay tuned to gain priceless insights and tips that will pave your way to a successful and stress-free building or renovation adventure.

Jen Bowers


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