(#11) Passive House Design with George McGarry

Season #1

Have you ever wondered about Passive House Design and the benefits that come with it? Perhaps you're newly into learning about the concept and keen to learn more. On today's episode of Two Gins In: A Designer's Perspective we are joined by George McGarry, the owner of McGarry Constructions and a certified Passive House builder. 

In this episode Helen and George take a deep dive into the principles, benefits and real work applications of Passive House design. Helen and George cover:

  • Understanding Passive House: Learn what passive house design is all about, it's origins and how it creates highly energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy living spaces. 
  • Key Principles: Explore the core principles of Passive House design including insulation, air tightness, high-quality windows and doors. 
  • Benefits for You: Discover how living in a Passive House can lead to significant energy savings, improved air quality, reduced noise pollution, and even potential mortgage rate incentives from lenders
  • Real Life Examples: Hear about successful retrofitting projects and get practical tips on how to incorporate Passive House principles into your own renovation or construction project.

This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in sustainable and efficient building practices. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain insights to take steps towards a more environmentally friendly conscious and cost-effective lifestyle. 

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