(#10) Bringing nature indoors - Exploring the benefits of Biophilic Design with Karen Smith

Season #1

On today's episode of Two Gins In: A Designer's Perspective we chat with Karen Smith. A multi- award winning Horticulturist. Karen runs her own business as a freelance Horticultural advisor and is also the Editor of the national industry magazine, Hort Journal Australia. 

She is a member of the Australian Horticultural Media Association of Australia, The  Australian Institute of Horticulture,  Therapeutic Landscape Australia, the International Plant Propagators Society and was previously President of the Interior Plantscape Association. So it's safe to say she really knows her stuff. 

In this episode we deep dive into the fascinating world of Biophilic Design. As Designer's we're always bringing nature indoors so what better person to speak on the topic than Karen. 

If you've ever wondered what Biophilic Design is or what the benefits are then this is the episode for you. We go over some practical strategies for implementing Biophilic Design within the home as well as discuss recent research conducted right here in Australia. 

Bringing the outdoors in can be overwhelming when it comes to placement and plant type but Karen provides a wealth of knowledge to help everyone ready to take that step towards biophilic design with ease. 

Grab your drink, put your feet up and get ready to plant those seeds. 

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