(#4) Guest Expert Aaron Tass

Season #1

Throughout our podcast series we will be interviewing guest experts in the construction industry to provide you our listeners with valuable insights, knowledge and expert advice.

Our aim is to offer diverse perspectives on various aspects of the construction industry, including new technologies, innovative techniques, sustainability practices and industry trends.

By engaging with experts in our industry, we hope to provide you, our audience with a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry and its future direction

Todayā€™s episode is our very first of our guest expert interviews.

I sat down with Aaron Tass, the owner and director of Tass Constructions, to discuss the essential elements of any new home build or renovation project.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honours, a Masters in Engineering Management, a Certificate IV in Building & Construction and is also currently the President of the Cronulla-Sutherland Division of the Master Builders Association.

Aaron has had experience in both the public and private sectors with a background in civil & structural engineering, on site project engineering, surveying and project management in developments ranging from residential dwellings to multi-storey mixed use builds and large industrial subdivisions.

He has also spent time within Local Council development division and possesses an in depth understanding of the residential planning system.

Aaron is a great communicator and is in tune with each individual clients specific needs, expectations and concerns.

And Helen and I can attest to that as we have collaborated with Tass over the past few years on many of their builds.

What does Aaron do within his own company ā€¦Aaron is responsible for the pre-construction phase of the projects which includes initial discussions and meetings with prospective clients, estimating, preparation of proposals, working closely with clients to develop a tailored scope of works, compliance and looking after all project related insurances and contracts.

His responsibility extends to overseeing the Tass Construction Group design arm deliverables and also handles the financial and general management of the business.

In todays episode

Aaron shares his insights on why careful preplanning is crucial for homeowners to stay in control and avoid costly mistakes.

He also sheds light on emerging trends and best practices in the construction industry post-COVID and processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Additionally, we delved into the challenges that builders have faced due to the pandemic and how they have adapted to manage risks and uncertainty.

Aaron offers valuable advice on how listeners can do the same by building in contingencies and planning for potential disruptions.

Join us now for an informative and engaging conversation on the intricacies of construction and design with our first guest expert, Aaron Tass.

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