Contemporary medical interiors

At M + L Design we design healthcare spaces that enhance and complement the universal goal of medical providers that is to provide compassionate care.

Your physical setting is your patients’ first impression of your practice & a very important factor in their perception of their overall care & satisfaction. 


How our Designers can best serve your medical practice

We understand that you face unique and complex issues in your healthcare environment. Our specialised medical designers collaborate with your team to pinpoint and implement welcoming, supportive, functional and safe work environments for your staff and your patients.

Interior architecture for healthcare

We recognise that your practice needs to compete with other medical providers when it comes to hiring competent staff. Careful, thoughtfully planned out interiors make it easier to attract and retain the best talent.

Delivering a balanced medical setting

Our interiors strike a thoughtful balance as we consider your functional efficiencies, capacity for growth, and maintenance issues. We understand your needs for flexibility and we accommodate these with careful planning.

Achieve efficiency and flow

Careful consideration of the flow of a space is vital to the Practitioner and the staffs functionality. We work closely with you the practioner and your staff to ensure we achieve the optimal flow of your working environment.

Sydney Enodontist Fitout

M + L Designed and drafted the complete fit out, along with the selection of finishes for this Endodontic practice in Southern Sydney


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