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Commercial + Retail Interiors

At M + L Design we understand that your business is constantly evolving and its interior needs to evolve with it.

You not only require efficiency and cost-controls, but you also need to create a unique experience for customers and employees. Our commercial interior designers provide space planning and sustainable solutions for your commercial or retail design.

M + L's commercial & retail interior designers can plan and design your space from concept to construction or assist with a refurbishment. 

Establishing the right mood & mindset is vital to creating a happy, efficient work place.

Corporate + Professional office interiors

M + L Design can help you effectively strategise your next interior design plan in a way that accurately reflects your current work culture, brand and business principles. We apply insights into workplace productivity and ways to optimise your work spaces.  We can help establish spaces that naturally encourage inspiration, communication and collaboration or that allow for quiet concentration and reflection.

Our commercial interior designers take your existing office layout into account and help you assess your future needs in order to develop an interior fit out plan that will serve your business properly in the years ahead. From our analysis we produce visuals and concepts that enable you to transform your three-dimensional commercial space into one that works effectively and well.

Our retail design expertise includes


Your first impression on your customers is essential. We make the entry point special with welcoming signage that reflects your brand and products.

Flow analysis

We analyse the flow for your merchandise layout, customer service areas, staff amenities, point of sale, seating and any other traffic pattern requirements.


We creatively design practical, functional floor plan layouts that service your intended use of the given space.


We design & draft floor plan layouts, elevation details, merchandise placement, changing rooms, bathroom facilities, storage, lighting layouts etc.

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